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Saint Mary’s Fitness Center has announced the launch of everyBODY can, a cancer wellness challenge. This eight-week program was developed by the Fitness Center’s cancer wellness team, made up of Cancer Exercise Specialists, and led by a Safety and Medical Exercise Supervisor. This all-encompassing program will focus on overall wellness for cancer survivors.

everyBODY can is designed to help cancer survivors find balance in life as it pertains to exercise, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and self-care through guidance and support from our team of experts. All participants receive tools for success, weekly workouts, and will earn points for the different categories of wellness. The grand prize winner will receive a spa day and shopping spree.

We are excited to launch this program, and cannot wait to see the end results,” explains Cassie Goodman, medical exercise supervisor. “Our hope is that this challenge will help cancer survivors in our community focus on a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle that they can maintain for the duration of their lives.”

“The Saint Mary’s Rehab program has helped me with my recovery,” explains a participant of the regularly running Cancer Rehabilitation Program. “The support I get from the survivors in the program is priceless. I love all of the trainers, very caring and helpful.”

The program will begin Feb. 13 and run through April 7. Pricing for the eight-week program is $45 for current Saint Mary’s Fitness Center members, and $179 for non-members (price includes Fitness Center membership for the eight-week program in addition to the program itself). Scholarships for qualifying applicants will be available through Pinocchio’s Moms on the Run for those diagnosed with female-type cancers.

everyBODY can is for all cancer survivors in the Reno/Sparks area, in any phase of their treatment. To learn more and sign up, call 775-770-7874 or email