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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) For the second year, Saint Mary’s Fitness Center is offering “every BODY can,” a lifestyle challenge for cancer survivors in the community. The eight-week program begins March 19 and is designed to help survivors find a new balance in all areas of life.

Cancer survivor Leslie Edgington is returning to the program this year. She says the group offers support and guidance.

“Sometimes you look at everyone else who hasn’t experienced it and you think they’re all healthy and why was it me, and then you see that you’re not alone,” she says.

Medical Exercise and Safety Supervisor Cassie Adams says the program is geared toward helping participants lead a holistic, healthy lifestyle that extends beyond the eight weeks.

“A lot of medications these days that cancer patients are prescribed cause you to gain weight, so you need all the components of a healthy lifestyle and not just the exercise to combat that, because obesity increases your risk of re-occurrence,” Goodman says.

All participants will receive weekly workouts and will earn points for the different categories of wellness. The grand prize winner will receive a staycation package at the Peppermill.