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Saint Mary’s and Donor Network West recently honored the legacy of 12 organ & tissue donors through a dedication ceremony. Each donor was celebrated by having their name added to the Tree of Life, a fixture built in 2019 inside Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center. The Tree of Life serves to provide hope and comfort along with acting as a small reminder that a loved one’s legacy will continue to live on forever.

Above the Tree of Life (pictured) is the following text, further describing the legacy of each donor:

The Tree of Life is dedicated to honor those who have given the selfless act of organ and tissue donation; may these legacies live on for a lifetime. Each leaf represents an organ donor who gave the gift of life and each butterfly represents countless lives who were enhanced from tissue donation.

Saint Mary’s and Donor Network West work collectively to ensure patients and family members have access to multiple resources surrounding organ donation. For more information on organ and tissue donations, please visit