Minor Medical Procedures

Turn to our team at Saint Mary’s Primary Care Group for the best treatment options for your minor medical procedures.

Minor Medical Procedures

At St. Mary’s Primary Care Group, we have the tools needed to perform minor procedures for a number of conditions. These treatments do not pose a health risk and can be done with or without a local anesthetic for your comfort and safety.

Abscess Incision and Drainage

When you suffer from a cut, proper treatment is necessary to avoid infection. If you notice pus starting to build up or your wound is tender to the touch, you could be dealing with an infection or abscess.

Do not put yourself at further risk of infection. Our treatments ease the pressure and help you start on recovery.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Be prepared for every situation by undergoing immunizations and vaccines. These shots are required for most students and international travelers. Our team of doctors can administer travel vaccines and immunizations required for all grade levels.

Contact us to discover more on our treatment options for your minor medical issues.

Do You Need Stitches for Open Wounds?

In some situations, your wound could be severe enough to require stitches to keep the area closed. If we determine that you need stitches or sutures, we deliver treatment to mend the wound.

Please note, if critical, stitches need to be handled in the ER or at urgent care.


Treatments for Burns

Dealing with a burn can be painful and traumatic. Our physicians are available to provide you with treatment for 1st and 2nd-degree burns. We offer gentle options to ease your pain.



Do you have any moles, or minor skin lesions? We can perform biopsies in-offices for these skin conditions, and can plan for further treatment.

Our Services

Our all-encompassing health care services ensure you receive the correct diagnosis and treatment for any condition. This includes providing our patients and families with primary care, and wellness exams.

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Minor Medical Procedures


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